Third chapter

Closure, it hurts, right? Sigh* I can’t contain how I feel anymore, because this time is different. This time I give tons of shit. 3 words, 2 people, and 1 meaning is all I can say, but I understand. I know that it must be hard on him too. It may be hard for the person that’s still in love, but just wonder how it must feel to be that person to let go. Not as his lover, but the good friend he had always. I know pain isn’t permanent, but that’s only a fact where you know what being numb is. Sometimes you just want to forget everything, right? I say this only, because if I don’t see him I come to realization that the only thing I could love him for was the memories we shared. I said I’d fight for you still. I’m not trying to look for happiness from the memories. I’m trying to fight for what’s making me happy for my future. A little redundant, but hey in all my heart I can say he’s worth every heart break.

Dear underwear,

Why must I need you while I dance, stretch, and workout?! Ugh you always rip and restrict my movements… that’s it! Either commando or I get stretchy skin tight boxer briefs.

Get your priorities straight

I don’t give one single fuck about your life and what you do. All I want from you is to get you shit together and not get me involved along with it. I don’t want to be stressed out from your incompetence and the moral repugnance you’ve retained your whole life. Why am I saying this? Nigga, don’t be stupid. You, dropping that shade on the people who care about you and the people you worked with. I’ve put my work to keep you at work, but no, you, had to disappoint me and get fired. If you could do that to the people you care about and the people who always try to keep you up high then I don’t want any part of your friendship. Speak up to me, because I will forever go on about how you added more stressed. I don’t want to be working more just because you fucked up. Swallow your pride.

Giving it my all.

Last night was one of the biggest obstacles that I’ve come across with. I guess it’s just been a while you know? I’m so lost, because it’s been a long time. I’ve put myself out there for one person. No, lately I’ve learned who are close and who is obviously a stump in my life, but when you finally realize who makes it right for you then what do I do? Especially, when things get complicated. Shit, if there’s going to be an obstacle in front of us then we cross it together. Have you ever thought it would make our relationship stronger? That shouldn’t even be a question to ask. Nothing should stop you from what’s making your life great. I admit.. people have seen a difference. Every day before I met you, I had to put up a front of this character who has to be happy, giddy, and stupid. Why? Because people can’t see, me. I’m not happy or was… now I know what’s making my life happier, and I’m not going to let go.


Dick pic

It would be the first thing I see when I open tumblr.. sorry mister who was sitting next to me…


Have you ever tried to push yourself away from someone just, because you know you’re not benefiting from each other? Yeah, that’s me right now. I’m sorry, but it’s not going to be the same anymore and there’s nothing stopping me. We’ve tried our best to keep it together, but dear, best friend, I can’t and you know it’s mutual. Sometimes life gives you options, unreasonable ones.


I hate depending on people.

Everytime i ask someone help they always seem to mess up or make it harder for me. This is why I do my own work and don’t affiliate myself with others when it comes to doing something. I guess this is why I’m alone.