Instagram guys

  • Mom: why are there so many buff guys on your phone?
  • Me: it's instagram mom.. I follow a lot of wet worthy men.
  • Mom: oh...

We established it.

Bitter sweet compassion.. it end it, but we’ll always love each other regardless of what the future brings. Let us focus what’s making us happy and right now you make me happy. I’d hate it if one day I take that happiness away. Pft, there’s still room to grow. We got this.


Caged bird

I can’t talk about my feelings anymore. I’m not allowed to see my friends without hurting someone. I can’t even see them through a little chat room even if I wanted to. A single text would, I’d be glared to death. I’m trapped I can’t. I cant. There’s too much to throw away… I want to keep the people that makes me happy, including the activities that makes my life feel worth it. I can’t. .. without hurting you.

Stop denying your love.

You know you miss him..

Secret problems

I’m so used to venting things on paper and plain out typing it on here. Sometimes I do that and I forget what’s bothering me. I mean I guess it’s a good thing that right after I print it down I forget, but it always comes back. Maybe it’s because I never find my resolve. I just let it go and continue. Sometimes I guess it depends on the situation, but once it hits it feels like my heart drops like that scene from the titanic. Drowning like a little bitch, because God knows I can’t swim. Anyways. I just hope in the near future I can diminish this stress and can easily take down these problems I have one by one. I want a clear picture and not a profaned portrait. I want I want I want! But I can wait til things clear up more.